2020 – 2021 Calendar of Events

11/11/2020 CISC Committee Meeting By Invitation
11/12/2020 Professional & Project Awards 2020 Register here
11/17/2020ACAE Board Meeting By Invitation
11/20/2020Webinar – Agustin ArellanoRegister here
12/03/2020Student Scholarship Awards 2020Register here
12/12/20202020 CISC CompetitionRegister here
12/15/2020Board MeetingBy Invitation
12/18/2020Webinar – Peter Iglesias
Engineer of the Year
Register here
01/13/2021CISC Committee Meeting By Invitation
01/13/2021Webinar – Robert Sanchez
CEO of Ryder, Inc.
Register here
01/19/2021Board Meeting By Invitation