Infrastructure Competition

 About the Competition

The mission of the Cuban Infrastructure Committee is to promote a high level of engineering and science as they may apply to the future improvement of the island; and to increase public awareness and interest in Cuba’s infrastructure needs.


To accomplish this mission, we will:

  • Foster engineering and science education and scholarship;
  • Form specialty subcommittees to conduct research and analyses;
  • Collaborate with other organizations as appropriate; and
  • Disseminate findings, conclusions, and recommendations.


The C-AACE/ACAE Cuba Infrastructure Scholarship Competition is intended to promote both:

  1. “real world” analysis and/or design experience for students interested in pursuing an education and/or career in engineering and related sciences; and
  2. improve the body of knowledge on Cuba’s infrastructure in these fields. This scholarship competition invites teams of university-level students from ABET accredited programs to analyze and/or design and present a project meeting the requirements of a problem statement that they have worked on together as a team.

Scholarship Competition Committee Members:

Roger Puerto (Chair), Regina Rodriguez, Betty Bezos, Pete Martinez, Helena Solo-Gabriele, Jerry Fernandez, Jose Acosta, Alfonso Dager, Maria Porrata, Miguel Medina, Cristina Ortega-Castineiras, Armando I. Perez, Victor Pujals, Rafael Robayna , Josenrique Cueto Blanca Silva and Sergio Claure

Cuba Infrastructure Committee Organization Chart

Delfin Molins Mentoring Award

This award recognizes a mentor (Industry and/or Faculty Member) who made a significant contribution in mentoring a student group in the field of engineering as it applies to Cuba’s infrastructure.

Items that will be looked at in making a decision as to who receive the award will be:

  • Significant level of effort in mentoring students at all levels.
  • The number of meetings between the mentor and the student or student group(s).
  • The depth of the information provided to the students by the mentor.
  • The quality of the student(s)’ work product.
  • Other discretionary criteria.

See Facebook page for these Competitions to get the latest information.

For more information please contact Regina Rodriguez (, (305) 803-7387)


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