Association of Cuban Engineers’ Response to POTUS Regarding Political Relationships Between the U.S. and Cuba

Association of Cuban Engineers, Inc.
PO Box 941436 | Miami FL 33194-1436

The Association of Cuban Engineers (ACE/AIC) was founded over 50 years ago by Cuban engineers that decided to take the route of exile instead of being subjected to a communist regime. The political conditions that existed in Cuba at that time are no different than what they are today. So in light of President Obama’s decision to change the policy toward Cuba, the Association of Cuban Engineers makes note of the following concessions made by President Obama:

1. Although we rejoice in having Mr. Alan Gross reunited with his family especially in time for the holidays, he was put in prison totally unjustified with the sole purpose of using him as a trading card and that is precisely how it played out.
2. The release of the three Cuban spies is an abominable, immoral, and unjustified decision. These persons were tried in a court of law, had defense lawyers and were found guilty of espionage against the United States. They were responsible for supplying information to Cuba that resulted in the murder of four American citizens that were on a humanitarian flight to help Cuban rafters.
3. The opening of an American embassy in Havana signifies the legitimatization of the Cuban regime. Yesterday the Cuban regime was classified as a terrorist one and today, by President Obama’s orders, they are not. What changed?
4. The opening of free travel to Cuba by American citizens with free use of credit cards gives the Cuban government the much needed cash to help them to remain in power.
Where in the negotiation conducted by President Obama are the demands for political opening, free elections, free press, respect for human rights, etc.?

It is because of these unilateral concessions that ACE is compelled to condemn the actions taken by President Obama. ACE requests that the Congress of the United States review this change in policy and take any necessary actions that will truly benefit the Cuban people who are the true victims in this scenario.

Gonzalo Sanchez, P.E.
President Emeritus
Strategic Affairs Chair